Salon byDenni has a number of different treatments for the body.  Choose between a wonderful session of relaxation or target a specific problem, overweight, stress, tensions, and fatigue. Our body treatments work very well with our other treatments for face, hands and feet.


Waxing for the removal of unwanted hair. We have a long experience of waxing professionally and hygienically. Done by spatula or a disposable mouthpiece.


Manuel Lymphatic Drainage (ML) is a massage technique developed by the Danish doctor Emil Vodder. It consists of light rhythmic and pleasant circular movements that help the body to get rid of waste-products and reduce swelling. An internal cleansing. ML increases blood and lymphatic circulation, releases muscle tension and boosts the immune system. ML also increases the body’s own production of “feel good hormones” oxytocin, which has a calming and relaxing effect. The treatment is also effective against constipation, stress, whiplash-conditions, fatigue syndrome, scarring and excessive training.
The treatment is also recommended before and after surgical procedures.

MASSAGE, Tui Na and acupressure

Acupressure and Tui Na massage are very effective for the whole body   stimulating circulation and draining sluggish lymph, and provide a deep relaxation.

TRILIPO RF (radiofrequence) and DMA (dynamic muscle activating)

These body treatments are booked as a cure of 6 – 8 sessions a week apart. TriLipo RF and DMA are effective methods to clean the body from waste products, burn fat and shape the body. The method also diminishes cellulite and stretch marks. For best results we will give you an individual diet, training and lifestyle plan.