La Prairie

A highly exclusive Swiss brand based on high-technology research.
Their range includes products for highly sensitive skin. Based on Cellular Complex, a unique concept developed to counter signs of aging by nurturing on a cellular level. Gives the skin more lustre and firmness. We are specially trained to work with the high effective products of La Prairie.

Dr. Christine Schrammek

German dermatologist Christine Schrammek has developed a series of skincare products that has been on the market for almost forty years. Her most famous product is the Green Peel a cleansing treatment based entirely on herbs. Schrammek is also responsible for the first BB cream (blemish balm) a colored cream that nourishes stressed and irritated skin while covering blemishes and imperfections. Dr Schrammek has an entire skincare range for different skin types and needs.

Theresa Skin Herbal Collection

Swedish skincare brand Theresa is based on handpicked herbs grown wild or organically. The Theresa method relies on a mix of modern research and ancient herbal therapy. There are herbal drops for every skin type and need. These unique drops balances, heals, strengthens and protects.