Natural beauty.

About Denni,
Denni is the creator and owner of byDenni skincare clinic in Stockholm.
Denni has devoted her professional life to transforming faces, and to seeking real solutions to skin concerns.

Her dedication to give her clients the highest skincare quality and perfection has made her one of the most trusted skincare experts in Europe. Denni is also trusted by her clients due to her top priority to keep their identity private and confidential.
Denni is best known for her anti-aging facial techniques, which she developed by working with some of the most famous faces in Europe and international celebrities for over 25 years. When it comes to perfect complexion and beautiful glow, Swedish most recognized faces depend on Denni. Her devotion to perfection and to proven results are highlighted by how carefully she chooses and combines her treatments and products from worldwide to serve the best to her clients. Denni’s commitment to revolutionary skincare treatments, and innovative new products led her to partnering with some of the top skincare technology and skincare product producers. Her approach has kept her at the forefront of skin wellness, and continues to set her apart. With Denni’s unparalleled service, and her advanced skincare technology, and proven results has made By Denni a destination for Scandinavian society, and for those far and wide seeking best solutions to their faces and body concerns.

byDenni’s clinic is associated and cooperates with a network of doctors and surgeons in the fields of dermatology, and health care; as well as with experts in the fields of nutrition, naprapathy, acupuncture, massage, zone- therapy, and physical fitness.

Per agreement, we offer our luxurious treatments at our client’s hotel rooms and residence.