Denni Vulic

¨We are all beautiful – bring out the beauty in you!¨
Denni, founder and owner of Salon byDenni.

My passion about skin-wellness was born out of my deep desire to care for people and to empowering them to live a healthier life. I have always believed that inner and outer beauty is one and the same; and how one feels inside manifests on the outside in one’s face and quality of skin. My journey began when I was a teenager suffering from acne, and my self-esteem was shattered due to how I saw myself in the mirror. Unfortunately, the skin professionals I visited showed little interest in my condition, and much less in how I felt, and didn’t provide answers to my questions to why and how I can look and feel better, and their only solution was to sell me on products which proven useless in my case. I made a commitment then that I am to become a leader in skin wellness and to gain extensive knowledge in skin health. My commitment led me to studying and researching in the field of health sciences, homeo-therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and aromatherapy. And I am continuously updating my knowledge by continuously learning and researching the latest methods and innovation in skincare and health.

My knowledge and extensive experience help me to help my clients fulfilling their beauty dreams. I design each treatment according to each of my client’s needs, concerns and goals. I give personalized skin and health coaching to help my clients learn about their unique skin and how to care for it, including nutrition advice, and product recommendations. I love giving the best of me to bring out the best in my clients, and making them look and feel good is what makes me feel fulfilled.